Home Computing

Altram Solutions offers the Home computing user the same support found at large corporations at an affordable Home support price. Our technicians will give you a complete assessment on any home computer or home network, advising you on the best solutions for your problem.

The typical home user depends on the servicing technician to figure out what is wrong with your computer or network and what is the best course of action. When using a neighbor, a friend, or someone from the local electronics store you may not get everything you need. How much knowledge do these people have outside of their own home system or from some crash course in computing given when hired?

No problem is too big or too small. Our typical support calls range from "my printer has lights blinking and is not printing…" to "I have a home network where some computers run slow while others won't access the internet…" to "Can you configure and install a home network with multiple computers sharing files and accessing the internet in a secure manner….".

Most home systems degrade over time due to Viruses and Adware. These items can be unknowingly placed on your computer as you or your kids surf web pages or download files. Altram Solutions can clean up your system, regaining resources and getting your system to function like when it was new by removing adware and viruses.

Do you have a Work-At-Home option with your current company? Do you have a need to connect your home computer to your office or corporate system? Do you use software to perform your work, for example, Airline Flight Crew Trip Bidding? Altram Solutions can help you get the connection you need. We have helped employees get connected to their office and/or corporate computing systems.

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