Infrastructure Management

At Altram Solutions we bring to your business the knowledge you need to succeed. From balancing network and computer application loads to bringing the latest industry approaches, we offer much, much more… Durability, Reliability, and Availability of your company's critical systems is the primary objective of Altram Solutions.

We at Altram Solutions have real business experience and can bring big business expertise and experience to your company. We offer Warehouse Management Processes & Software, Material Requirements Planning, Office Reengineering, and Continuous Process Improvements.

Altram Solutions offers infrastructure management, keeping your critical business functions up and running. We maintain your systems, keeping them current with all needed upgrades and ensure their reliability.

Starting a new business? Altram can help you plan and bring your new business systems up and online. We can help your business identify your computing needs and offer complete solutions in hardware and software applications.

As an IronPort™ partner we offer solutions for e-mail, virus, and spam problems.

E-mail Administrators Woes:

  • "Most of the mail we receive is spam"
  • "Our mail server crashes continually"
  • "We have no visibility into mail flow with our current system"
  • "Updating spam and virus rules and keeping hardware running are resource drains"
  • "Ensuring incoming mail is from legitimate sender is almost impossible"
E-mail User Woes:

  • "My legitimate e-mail is tagged and filtered as spam"
  • "People complain about not receiving their messages"
  • "It takes a lot of time to sort through my inbox due to spam"
Who is IronPort?

IronPort Systems™ is the leading e-mail security products provider for organizations ranging from small businesses to the global 2000. The IronPort C-Series family of e-mail security appliances offers breakthrough performance, multi-layer protection, and the best breed options through IronPort’s alliance partners.

Best of Breed Options

The IronPort platform partner alliance consists of an impressive line-up of market leading anti-spam, anti-virus, encryption, digital rights management, and archiving vendors. The IronPort platform partner alliance includes Brightmail/Symantec, Authentica, PGP Corporation, PostX, Sigaba, Sophos, and Veritas/KVS.

Multi-Layer Defenses

The IronPort C-Series e-mail security appliances are the ideal defense against spam and viruses. The unique multi-layer defense approach to security combines preventive and reactive services to stop spam and viruses from entering the network while enabling administrators to protect confidential company information from leaving the network.

Carrier Proven Technology, Enterprise-Class Management

With the IronPort C-Series, enterprises can take advantage of the only e-mail security appliance on the market today that is robust enough to support ISP e-mail traffic and still contains the security and management tools enterprises demand.

Contact Altram Solutions to learn more about IronPort e-mail security appliances.

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